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    Hello and welcome to William Monroe High School!  My name is Anne-Marie Eberhardt and I am the Assistant Principal for the Juniors, as well as the freshman with last names beginning with A-F.  This will be my third year at WMHS, but my 8th in the county.  I started at William Monroe Middle School as an Instructional Coach and then as Principal of Nathanael Greene Primary and Elementary.  I love my current role where I get to spend the vast majority of time in classrooms and working with students.  

    I grew up in the midwest, where the majority of my family still live. I have two brothers, one of which is 6 foot 8 inches tall!  Illinois winters are grey and really cold and the land is very flat.  So, when I graduated from Illinois State University, I moved out to Virginia so that I could live somewhere beautiful with warmer weather.  My husband and I are both graduates of the University of Virginia and we have one daughter who is coincidentally currently at the University of Virginia.  I have 4 dogs, one cat and 8 fish.  I love animals, reading books and watching action movies. My happy place is definitely on the beach somewhere tropical, though I can’t be gone too long or I miss my dogs!

    Butterscotch                                                    Bella Hoo                                                                     Lucky & Clover


    I have wanted to be a teacher since I was very small.  When I was in school, it always took me a bit longer to learn things and I often felt like I wasn’t as smart as the other kids.  I always hoped that if I became a teacher, that I could build relationships with my students that would allow them to be confident and learn content in meaningful ways. I wanted each of my students to know they were cared for and that I believed in them, so that none of them grew up thinking they weren’t smart just because they may learn differently.  Working in Greene, with my amazing students and their families, has been an honor.