• Proof of Residency
    Students living with a natural parent or legal guardian in Greene County may enroll in Greene County Public Schools upon providing the following Proof of Residency documents:

    2 documents are required - 1 from List A and 1 from List B

     List A List B
     Deed Paid Tax Receipt
     Mortgage Statement Utility Bill (within last two months)
     Signed Lease Agreement New Utility Hook Up Notice
     Home Sale Agreement Homeowner's/Renter's Insurance

     Recent Payroll Stub with Address
      Motor Vehicle Registration

    Shared Housing Affidavit Option: 
    * When completing a Shared Housing Affidavit, the individual that the potential new enrollee is living with must provide the two forms of Proof of Residency.  Within 30 days, the parent/guardian of the new enrollee must provide one Proof of Residency from List B. 
    To print the affidavit click on one of the following links:
    Shared Housing Affidavit
    Afidávit de Vivienda Compartida

    Note:  GCPS does not accept driver’s licenses, post office boxes, cell phone bills, medical statements, or bank statements as proof of residency.

    Proof of Custody 

    It is the policy of Greene County Public Schools that individuals attempting to enroll a student must be listed on the student’s birth certificate as the natural parent, or must provide court documentation proving legal custody or a copy of the petition for custody.  Once the individual petitioning for custody receives their court date, they must provide this information to the school.  Immediately following the court date, the petitioner must inform the school of the court’s decision.

    Pursuant to VA Code 22.1-3, every person of school age shall be deemed to reside in a school division when he or she is living with a natural parent, a parent by legal adoption, or when the parents of such person are dead, a person in loco parentis, who actually resides within the school division, or when the parents of such person are unable to care for the person and the person is living, not solely for school purposes, with another person who (i) resides in the school division and (ii) is the court-appointed guardian, or has legal custody, of the person, or when the person is living in the school division not solely for school purposes, as an emancipated minor.