• Kindergarten Registration
    Kindergarten registration will be held at Ruckersville Elementary School and Nathanael Greene Primary School on Tuesday, March 19th from 3:30-6:30. Please attend registration at the elementary school your child is districted to attend.  

    At Kindergarten registration, you will be asked to turn in registration paperwork; however much of this paperwork can be completed online.  We will post information in the coming weeks regarding the online enrollment process.  If you choose to use this process, your time for registration will be greatly reduced at the school of attendance. Please see our enrollment/form section on the GCPS website for the requirements.  In addition to the forms for students to be enrolled at any grade level, please complete the school specific Kindergarten paperwork below. 

    In addition to turning in registration paperwork, your child will have a brief assessment done by one of our Kindergarten teachers or Reading Specialists.  Depending on the number of families, this could take several minutes.  While parents are filling out paperwork, we will have classroom space open for incoming kindergartners and their siblings with adult supervision if you choose to take advantage of that opportunity.  We will have an orientation in August that will give families an opportunity to tour the building, meet their teachers, and learn more about transportation.  We look forward to meeting your incoming Kindergartner!

    After School Care
    After school care is available through a third party company.
    Information for Ruckersville students, call (434) 985-1419
    Information for Stanardsville students, call (434) 985-5230