• Classes will require a fee to help cover cost of class supplies. Students in Culinary II & III will be required to wear a chef uniform when working in the kitchen.  Because of an articulation agreement with the Culinary Arts Institute of Virginia and Culinary Arts Institute of America, students who choose either of these schools will receive tuition scholarships.

    Culinary Arts I          Grades 9-10       1 Credit
    Students will explore the foodservice industry and learn about the purchasing, storing, preparing, cooking and serving of foods from around the nation and the world.  Topics will include food science and technology, equipment operation and safety, diet and nutrition, food safety and sanitation, and hands on preparation of marketable products.  Basic kitchen math, science and communication will be highlighted as lessons dictate, and are a must for prospective students.  Classes will involve classroom learning, as well as some hands on kitchen skills based activities.

    Culinary Arts II        Grades 10-11     2 Credits
    Students will take learning from Culinary I and apply it to direct, hands on kitchen production.  It will include restaurant operations, catering and special event opportunities.  We will be incorporating in depth planning, production and serving of foods.  Critical thinking, practical problem solving and food service industry opportunities will be emphasized.  Students will begin to focus on the various areas of food service operations such as cooking, baking, serving and management.  Our on premises café will serve as the focal point for the curriculum.  Students will continue to learn basic job skills including resumes, interviewing, successful attitude and appearance.  Fees required for chef coat, Skills USA dues and kitchen supplies.

    Culinary Arts III      Grades 11-12     2 Credits
    The Culinary Arts Specialization curriculum provides students with continuing opportunities to obtain comprehensive knowledge of the food service industry, as well as to expand their technical skills in a food service specialty. Students explore careers and refine their skills in implementing safety and sanitation standards, applying nutritional principles, planning menus, using business and math skills, and selecting and maintaining food service equipment. Students will specialize in Catering, Banquet, and Food Preparation. Students will also learn and practice all food service job skills including writing resumes, practice interviewing, dressing appropriately and developing positive relations with fellow workers and supervisors.  Fees required for Skills USA dues and kitchen supplies.