• Child Find

    Under Special Education law each locality is” required to maintain an active and continuing child find program designed to identify, locate and evaluate those children residing in the jurisdiction who are birth to age 21, inclusive, who are in need of special education and related services.” 8 VAC 20-8-50

    Child Find activities are ongoing and implemented through Child Study committees within each of the schools in Greene County. The teams are implemented to meet the educational needs of individual children who are having difficulty in the general setting. The Committee will review existing data in order to make recommendations in meeting the child’s needs; they then review the results of the recommendations. The Child Study committee may refer a child for an evaluation for special education. The procedures for special education eligibility are to determine if a disabling condition exists as defined under federal and state guidelines.

    Infants - birth to age 3
    Contact the Infant Toddler Connection of the Blue Ridge
    800 Preston Ave.
    Charlottesville Va. 22903

    Preschool - age 2 by Sept. 30 of the current school year through 5 years old and not enrolled in kindergarten
    Chris Schiedel
    Nathanael Greene Primary School

    School Age - kindergarten through 12th grade
    Contact your child’s school and ask for the Child Study Chairperson
    RES: 434-939-9006
    NGPS: 434-939-9002
    NGES: 434-939-9001
    WMMS: 434-939-9003
    WMHS: 434-939-9004