• SchoolCashOnline

    Secure Online Payments for School Items & Activity Fees

School Cash Online
  • What is SchoolCash Online? 

    SchoolCashOnline allows parents to easily make online payments for school fees for their students. 

    • Track school items and activity fees. 
    • Stay connected by receiving email notifications of new fees. 
    • View and print receipts. 

    How to Register

    There are two ways for parents to create an account:

    1. Our SchoolCash system sends an invitation email to priority one contacts**, who can click a link to start the registration process and attach their student(s) to their profile. They can then optionally make their students available to the profiles of a family member, assuming that family member has created an account.
    2. Any parent can create an account by visiting our district’s SchoolCash Online page: https://greenecounty.schoolcashonline.com 

    **At the time of registration(new students)/re-registration(returning students) families would have selected this individual as the first person for schools to contact.

    NOTE: Only the priority one contact can add students to their profile. Priority one contacts must add additional users in order for them to submit payments. 

    Troublingshooting Support

    The Parent Help Desk for SchoolCash Online contains a FAQ and troubleshooting information.


    Should you have any additional questions and concerns that cannot be answered at the Help Desk, please contact your school's bookkeeper.