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Senior Trip to NYC

        2020 Senior Class Trip to NY City       


The Senior Class will again, take a day trip to NEW YORK CITY. Students will need to arrive at WMHS at 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 7th. We will board charter buses at 12:01a.m. Friday, May 8th.  We will travel throughout the night, taking at least one stop to stretch, until reaching our destination of Rockefeller Plaza. Depending on the TODAY show schedule we may become a part of the plaza crowd activities.  


We are committed to ensuring your student’s safety as well as providing the opportunity to experience the hustle and bustle of the big city; therefore, students will be grouped with an adult chaperone and allowed to tour the Big Apple, making scheduled check-ins throughout the day.  There is no set plan except for arrival time, boat tour time and departure time. Groups will need to make their own itinerary for the day.


At 4:00 Friday afternoon, the group will meet at a designated pier (to be announced) to embark on a boat tour of the five boroughs of NY.  Exact plans have not yet been finalized due to the future date and due to the unknown number of students that will be attending. After the tour we will load the buses back to Greene County for an approximate return time of 12 a.m. on the 9th.

The total cost for this experience will be $100 per person.  This amount includes the cost for the bus and the ticket for the boat tour. There is a required deposit of $50 to be paid to WMHS by December 13th and the second payment will be due March 5th, 2020. The deposit secures your seat, and is non-refundable.  If for any reason your student is not allowed to attend due to disciplinary or personal reasons the $50 deposit will not be returned.  


We realize the cost of this trip is a little more than usual, but the experience and memories your student will make will be priceless.  We would like for every student who wishes to participate be able to do so, but seats will be limited due to the cost of securing charter buses.  


If you are interested in participating in this trip as a chaperone (responsible for a student who is not your child) please contact Denise Shifflett at  Chaperones will be considered on a first come first served basis. Chaperones and parents must be on the Volunteer Approval list from the School Board Office, which includes a complete background check.  Forms will be provided for background check.  Chaperones chosen, will be asked to pay only the deposit of $50.

Please return this form with $50 deposit to Denise Shifflett to reserve a seat today.


School Trip Waiver and Release Form

The undersigned agrees that William Monroe High School and the Greene County School Board and its employees, agents, and staff members shall not be liable or responsible for any accident or injury suffered by the undersigned as a result of participating in this trip and any activity associated with this trip.  The undersigned further agrees that WMHS shall not be liable or responsible for any theft or casualty loss for items of personal property suffered or incurred by the undersigned on this trip.  The undersigned assumes full responsibility and full risk of such injury, accident, theft, or casualty loss as described, and agrees to identify and hold harmless WMHS and the GCSB, and its employees, agents, and staff members.

I understand the below information will be used if an emergency occurs while my child is attending this trip.  Please use the back of this form for any additional information.


I give permission for _____________________________________________________________________ to attend the above trip.


Mother/Guardian ________________________________________________Cell#_____________________________________




Emergency contact to be used if parents cannot be contacted:  Name _________________________________________________________


Phone/cell # __________________________________________________ Relationship to student __________________________


List your child’s medical conditions: ______________________________________________________________________________


Will your child require medication while attending this trip?   YES     NO   List _____________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature _____________________________________________________________Date ___________________


____ I would like to attend with my student only   ____I would like to chaperone other students also (you will be contacted if chosen)

 _____$50 deposit for student       ______ $50 deposit for parent