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William Monroe Middle School Launching Innovate-Create Month

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William Monroe Middle School Launching Innovate-Create Month

Stanardsville, VA, November 7, 2018

William Monroe Middle School (WMMS) is going all out this month to engage its students by launching an “Innovate-Create Month.” Greene County Public Schools (GCPS) have been integrating Four Pillars of Innovation into its instruction: Personalized Learning, Application of Knowledge and Creativity, Communication and Collaboration, and Meaningful Integration of Technology. Students at WMMS will be experiencing a wide variety of unique learning opportunities grounded in these four pillars this month.

The effort is being coordinated by WMMS’s new Instructional Coach, Marlene Rombach, who taught at William Monroe High School for ten years. “This is all about engaging students in their learning,” said Ms. Rombach. “Students in active learning environments are 1.5 times more likely to pass than students in more passive classes.” Eileen Oliver-Eggert, Principal of WMMS, noted that school systems often see a drop in engagement during the middle school years. “Nationally, the percentage of students engaged in school drops from 74% at the elementary level to only 33% at the secondary level,” said Ms. Oliver-Eggert. “Innovate-Create Month is a deliberate effort by our school to reverse that trend.”

Teachers at WMMS will have the opportunity to explore ways to integrate new technologies into their lessons in meaningful, authentic ways. “We do not integrate technology merely for the sake of integrating technology,” said Tim Hickey, Coordinator of Innovative Programs for GCPS. “We integrate technology where it fits well into our curricula to illuminate a concept or empower students to explore an idea.  Also, innovative teaching often involves no technology at all, but is rather hands-on, project-based, and connected to our students’ lives.”

Ms. Rombach emphasized that Innovate-Create Month will allow WMMS teachers to grow and develop professionally while having some fun. “Teaching is a stressful and extraordinarily challenging profession,” said Ms. Rombach. “It’s crucial that we support our teachers by building a joyful and collaborative professional learning environment.” “When teachers have fun coming to work, it creates a culture of positivity in our buildings,” said Mr. Hickey. “And ultimately, that’s good for our kids and our community.”