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Explore Your Future Day Returns to Elementary Schools in Greene County

For Immediate Release                                                                                                 Contact: Bryan Huber



Explore Your Future Day Returns to Elementary Schools in Greene County

Stanardsville, VA, December 14, 2018

Elementary students in Greene County will be connecting with the local community and pondering their futures during the 2nd annual Explore Your Future Day. Presenters representing more than 30 careers will be visiting Ruckersville Elementary School on December 14 and Nathanael Greene Elementary School on December 17 to share information and perspectives on their jobs. Sharon Johnson, one of the organizers of the event, said “Ultimately, the end goal is for our students to be contributing members of society. We don’t expect them to know exactly what they want to do, but this begins to help them narrow things down.”


Prior to the presenters visiting the schools, students will take an interest inventory to determine which career clusters potentially match up well with their areas of interest and strength. They will then conduct research on those career clusters to learn about the required education, salary, and job responsibilities. During the two-days of presentations, students will be exposed to a wide variety of workers including a veterinarian technician, video game designer, game warden, deputy sheriff, surveyor, hospitality director, financial advisor, human resource manager, personal trainer, farm ranch manager, contractor, graphic designer, wardrobe stylist, orthodontist, nurse, teacher, radio station executive, engineer, real estate agent, physicist, and more.


After the presentations, many of the students will design a project around a specific career of their choice during “Genius Hour” each week. Last year, students created scale models, costumes, posters, and digital presentations. According to Ms. Johnson, the school “received a lot of feedback from parents that their kids were really excited about this and it was the first time their children had expressed an interest in careers and jobs.” Cyndi Korn, who is collaborating with Ms. Johnson on designing and implementing Explore Your Future Day, said that this experience is just a starting point. “Once they reach middle school, students will start their Academic and Career Plan. So ideally our students will have been exposed to a lot of information to guide them into thinking about what they might see themselves doing.”


Bryan Huber, Assistant Superintendent, said that Explore Your Future Day aligns with the division’s strategic plan, Innovate 2021. “One of the key objectives in our plan is to actively engage students throughout their academic career in striving towards college, career and life-long learning goals. This event now plays a critical role in serving that purpose for our children.”