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Greene County Public Schools Increases Focus on Student Support Efforts

(Stanardsville, VA) Greene County Public Schools is pleased to highlight the student support team and how members are leveraging new roles and resources to ensure all students are on track to be successful. Prior to the start of the current school year, GCPS leaders anticipated an increased need for additional support due to the state-mandated closure in March 2020 and other factors associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. As plans were being developed, leaders predicted extra emphasis on supports that address students’ social skills, emotional regulation, and mental health needs would give students the best chance of having a successful school year. 

All members of the GCPS community play a vital role in supporting students, making collaboration essential. School counselors, social workers, psychologists, student success coaches, and behavior coaches are all roles included on the coordinated support services team. By working together and with other school staff, parents, and community partners they address barriers and challenges that impact students’ ability to be successful. 

Student success coaches are new to the division this year. In their inaugural year, coaches were assigned certain students who were identified as needing consistent one-on-one support. They collaborate with students and their families to develop and adjust individualized plans and strategies that will best serve them. They also closely communicate with other members of the support team on students’ progress to determine if additional support is needed. GCPS is continuing to evaluate the needs of students and families on an ongoing basis and will continue to partner with parents to provide the necessary support for their child.