• July 1, 2018

    Dear Staff, Parents, Students, and Community members.


    I hope you are all having a fantastic, relaxing, and safe summer!  I am honored to be joining you for the 2018-2019 school year as the principal of Ruckersville Elementary School.  I am looking forward to stewarding the great things that are happening here already at RES while ensuring that we are continuing to grow and adapt so our students are ready to soar when they leave our daily influence.  I strongly believe that every child deserves an environment where they are taught to think critically, collaborate effectively, and communicate well. We need to not only focus on a student’s academic needs, but also focus on them as a whole child. When we champion for students in this way and expect excellence from them they will be successful, confident individuals.  Ruckersville Elementary teachers will continue to make this their mission this school year. I believe we have parents, as well as community members, who will do whatever it takes to support us in this mission as well.

     We will embrace the four pillars of innovation as well as ensuring students are “life-ready” as described by the Profile of a Virginia Graduate.  Students will receive engaging, meaningful, and relevant lessons that they will be excited to tell their parents about at the dinner table each night.  Let’s join together as a community of individuals with the same common purpose, to ensure each of our students feel loved, feel valued, feel invested in, and feel they are ready to meet the goals they have set for themselves not only in the near future, but also when they are ready to be independent members of our community.  

    I strongly believe that every voice matters and I welcome you to come discuss your perspective with me at any time regardless of your role.  Together we will make such a greater difference than we can individually. I look forward to seeing you in the community as well as at school!



    Donna Payne