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    During the 2013-2014 school year, VDOE began requiring students to complete Academic and Career Plans (ACP) during their 7th grade year and complete them by the end of 8th grade. The ACP's will allow students to begin thinking about their future, from high school, graduation, and post-secondary college/career plans.

    With the help of a program called MajorClarity, we will construct the ACP based on academic and career interests by completing several surveys. By the end of your student's 8th grade year, their ACP will be complete and part of their cumulative educational record. It will be reviewed/updated during their ninth and eleventh grade years. Students and guardians may access and update their ACP's at any point in time through MajorClarity.

    Students in grade 6-8 will:

    • identify the relationship of course content, educational achievement, and career choices,
    • identify personal preferences, skills, and interests that influence career choices and success,
    • understand the effect of career choices on quality of life,
    • understand that behaviors such as punctuality, courtesy, proper dress and language, and hard work are essential to success in the job market,
    • demonstrate understanding of the education and training needed to achieve career goals,
    • demonstrate employability skills such as individual initiative, teamwork, problem solving, organization, and communication,
    • use research skills to locate, evaluate, and interpret career and educational information, and
    • demonstrate awareness of educational, vocational, and technical training opportunities available in high school.
    • http://doe.virginia.gov/support/school_counseling/counselingstandards.pdf