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    Upcoming Guys' Group:  Family Changes

    Life can be tough, especially when your family experiences significant changes.  Is there a recent change that's affecting your life?  Changes such as parent separation/divorce, remarriage, having a family member in jail, a new baby, or moving to a new place have an impact on you as a member of your family.  Join a small group of guys and a counselor to discuss some of the challenges and learn ways to gain back some power when the events in your life make you feel powerless.
    If interested, scan the QR code or email your counselor.

    Guys' Group





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    WMMS School Counseling Department
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    School Counseling Staff:
         Anne Clarry - School Counselor (Students Last Names A-L)
                                aclarry@greenecountyschools.com; 434-939-9003 ext. 4906
              Betsy Pittman- School Counselor (Students Last Names M-Z)
             apittman@greenecountyschools.com; 434-939-9003 ext. 4908
    Anna Weaver- School Psychologist
    aweaver@greenecountyschools.com; 434-939-9003
    Katie Brittain- School Psychologist Intern
    kbrittain@greenecountyschools.com; 434-939-9003
    Dawn Thomas- Registrar and Counseling Office Secretary
              dthomas@greenecountyschools.com; 434-939-9003 ext. 4905


     If you are new to the area and wish to register your student, please make sure you have the following: birth certificate, immunization record and proof of residency. If you have information from the previous school, that will help to expedite the process. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOUR STUDENT MAY NOT START SCHOOL UNTIL ALL RECORDS ARE RECEIVED FROM THEIR PREVIOUS SCHOOL.
    Please contact Dawn Thomas at 434-939-9003 ext. 4905 or dthomas@greenecountyschools.com for a registration appointment.

Guys' Group