• Business Law (Semester)                  Grades 9-12       ½ Credit
    Students examine the foundations of the American legal system and learn the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Students gain practical knowledge and life skills by exploring economic and social concepts related to laws governing business and individuals. Focus areas include contracts, consumer protection, criminal law, tort law, international law, family/domestic law, employment law, cyber law, and careers in the legal profession.

    Business Management (Semester)     Grades 9-12       ½ Credit
    Students study basic management concepts and leadership styles as they explore business ownership, planning, operations, marketing, finance, economics, communications, the global marketplace, and human relations. Quality concepts, project management, problem solving, and ethical decision making are an integral part of the course. Student leadership skills may be enhanced by participation in school-based or virtual enterprises, job shadowing, internships, cooperative education, and/or the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). 

    Design Multimedia & Web Tech (Semester)
    Grades 9-12        ½ Credit
    Students develop proficiency in using desktop publishing software to create a variety of printed and electronic publications. Students will incorporate journalistic principles in design and layout of publications. Students work with sophisticated hardware and software to develop Web sites and multimedia presentations. 

    Google Applications (Semester)         Grades 9-12        ½ Credit   
    Students have an opportunity to learn the basic concepts and skills associated with various Google Apps.  Through practical exercises, students are introduced to real-world applications of these tools.  Units of study include Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Sites.

    Computer Information Systems          Grades 9-12        1 Credit   
    Students apply problem-solving skills to real-life situations through word processing, spreadsheet, database, and multimedia presentation software, and through integrated software activities.  Students work individually and in groups to explore computer concepts, operating systems, networks and telecommunications, and emerging technologies. 

    Advanced Computer Info. System       Grades 10-12    1 Credit
    Prerequisites:  The student must have successfully completed Computer Information Systems
    Students apply problem-solving skills to realistic situations through advanced integrated software applications, including printed, electronic, and Web publications. Students explore advanced computer maintenance activities, Web site development, programming, emerging technology, and employment skills.  Successful work in ACIS will qualify students to take the Microsoft Office Certification Exam.  

    Economics & Personal Finance      Grades 10-12       1 Credit
    Students learn how to navigate the financial decisions and make informed decisions related to career exploration, budgeting, banking, credit, insurance, spending, taxes, saving, investing, buying/leasing a vehicle, living independently, and  inheritance. Development of financial literacy skills and an understanding of economic principles will provide the basis for responsible citizenship and career success. In addition to developing personal finance skills, students will also study basic occupational skills and concepts in preparation for entry-level employment in the field of finance. This course is required for graduation and cannot be used for a CTE completer. It can be taken as a virtual on-line class or in the traditional classroom. 

    Marketing                                        Grades 10-12             1 Credit
    Marketing provides students with instruction that enables them to obtain and succeed in their chosen marketing occupation.  This course explores a variety of marketing topics.  Students concentrate on developing competencies needed by marketing workers in the areas of selling, advertising, display, operations, and product/service technology.  Students will identify career opportunities in marketing, develop a resume, generate a career portfolio, and identify current job opportunities in marketing using traditional and nontraditional job search strategies.  This course involves off-site field trips. 

    Advanced Marketing                       Grades 11-12             1 Credit
    Prerequisites:  Successful completion of Marketing.   
    In Advanced Marketing, you will get the opportunity to study a variety of marketing principles on a higher level.  This is a very project oriented class and includes required outside reading.  Instruction focuses on human relations, communications, selling, buying, free enterprise, advertising and promotion, finance and accounting, management and business operations, distribution, and inventory.  In addition students will explore the internet as a job/career tool. This course does involve off-site field trips. 

    Marketing/Adv. Marketing Co-op   Grades 11-12            1 Credit
    Prerequisites:  Student must be concurrently enrolled in Marketing or Advanced Marketing and must be employed for the full school year. 
    Students must find their own job, maintain a job throughout the year, and must be employed within two weeks of opening of school.  Students must provide their own transportation
    . Students participate in supervised on-the-job instruction concurrently with classroom instruction to develop competencies needed to advance in full-time employment. Students work an average of 11 to 15 hours per week with at least 396 hours annually. For grading and credit purposes, students will be required to have a job evaluation sheet and time sheets updated each nine weeks.